Ross Brawn: Jaguar XJR-14

Having established my career in Formula One, working up the ranks to chief designer, I was approached by Tom Walkinshaw who wanted me to move to what was then, a highly competitive race series; sports cars.

They had just changed the rules in sports car racing and had become receptive to Formula One technology. I joined Jaguar when Tom persuaded me to cross over to sports cars for a couple of years. My remit was effectively to build a Formula One car, but with bodywork. The purple Jaguar XJR-14 was born and it went very well. The car won the World Drivers Championship, we won the World Constructors Championship and we were triumphant at Le Mans 24 hour. This was when sports cars was a competitive series, we were up against Mercedes, Peugeot and Porsche and there was some serious racing.

Whilst working in sports car racing, I met a young driver who was racing for Mercedes called Michael Schumacher, who stood out like a sore thumb as one seriously talented guy.

I left TWR for Benetton F1 and when we got that team established we heard Michael was looking to come into Formula One. We immediately grabbed him and the next chapter of my Formula One career started.

Ross Brawn

Team Principal



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The actual story will start now when Michael joins very fascinating with big names of F1

– Mohsin Alvi, August 26 2012 at 13:20

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