Dan Stratford: 2008 British Grand Prix

Silverstone 2008.

I had tickets for the full race weekend on the National pit straight. Earlier in the year I had just met my fiancée and her beautiful daughter. We needed to find a place to live before her daughter started school and I had to sell my tickets to help raise the funds to put a deposit down on a house. Having never been to a GP I was really disappointed but felt it had to be done. We eventually moved in to our new home together the week before the British Grand Prix. I had to watch the race on TV but my fiancee's daughter came and watched it with me. She was too young to know what was going on but she cheered on Hamilton because she saw me cheering him on. We hasn't known each other that long and it was a great bonding moment between us. She danced and cheered on the couch as Hamilton took the chequered flag. It was a great moment and one I'll never forget. It was one occasion when I didn't mind having to watch the magic of the British Grand Prix in TV at home instead of at the circuit.

A great memory. I have just booked tickets for the two of us to go to Silverstone in 2014! Can't wait!!

Dan Stratford

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