Chris Onion: giving my Grand Prix tickets away

My favourite moment was when I won some tickets a few years to the British Grand Prix and gave them to my dad and grandad (even though I would have loved to have gone myself my grandad was poorly and I knew it might have been the last chance he got to go).

My dad took my grandad who had not seen any F1 live in the modern era but always watched it on TV and had followed it for years and used to go when motor racing was held at Brand Hatch. Sadly he died not long after that day but my dad often recalls the day they went and the fantastic time he had. I missed out and haven't been able to afford to go to a Grand Prix myself, even though I follow it religiously, but I know it was the right thing to do and it makes me smile knowing he was able to do that. Also my dad's favourite driver was Michael Schumacher, who won that year - so he has a special memory of that day for that reason too! So that is my favourite memory.

Chris Onion

Memory added on May 25, 2013


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