Rebecca Dear: seeing Lewis Hamilton

Does it have to be one memory because with Lewis there's many.

I'll go for Silverstone 2012 at the British Grand Prix. It was the first GP I'd attended and I was only allowed to go as I'd finished school and my GCSEs as I was 16 at the time. I cried as soon as we got there. I cried when I got my little camping chair set up at Luffield. I cried on the drivers parades because I saw Lewis Hamilton. I cried on the out lap to the grid when I saw Lewis. I cried on the formation lap. I recovered for the race and stopped crying. But I started again as soon as Lewis came on stage to talk to the fans at the after race party. I was front row and about 7/8 metres away from him. He saw me crying my eyes out as I was the only teenage girl doing so on the front row, and this caused him to stare at me the whole way through his interview, at the end he looked at me and offered his hat, but as he threw it, it went completely the wrong way and that made him look at me with a frown on his face as if he was saying sorry, I didn't care that I'd not caught the hat because I had the knowledge that it was meant to be for me. He even managed to ask me if I was okay whilst the presenter was talking to the crowd. I didn't care that there were other people around in that moment my idol and the man I'd been supporting since I was 11 knew I existed and he cared about just a fraction as much as I care for him. I can't explain to people how I felt because it was like I'd achieved my goal of meeting him yet I hadn't, I'd made the connection with him though. I genuinely love him with my whole heart and it pains me when I see him down because I know his driving will be effected and then he doesn't have good results and that makes him even more down and that makes me upset because I don't feel like I'm just a fan, I feel like I know him so when he's down I understand the pain he goes through mentally whilst trying to tell himself he's the best, trying to prove the Sebastian Vettel fangirls wrong and to prove he can win.

Rebecca Dear

Memory added on April 24, 2013


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